Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Are you still using the out-dated method of the public switched telephone network ?

If you are, then no doubt you will have a list of telecoms equipment to buy,  engineers to pay for and maintenance contracts to update. This costly and time draining system has become obsolete in today society, with the thanks to voip providers. Instead of the traditional method of transmitting signals via the PSTN, the business voip does this via the internet, making messages arrive quicker and safer.

The hosted voip is cost effective, helping you cut your business expenses down to a bare minimum. Here at Voxalis, we are driven to produce a system that can provide simple, easy-to-use software for small businesses around the world.

Why Voxalis?

Voxalis were founded under the principle that office telephone systems should not depend upon expensive hardware and complex technology. Offices everywhere were depending on this out-dated mode of communication, whilst it was constantly draining their finances.  In days of the recession, every business is making an effort to cut down on costs, but it is technology like the PSTN that makes such tasks difficult.

Voxalis have created a voip based system that is both cost effective and easy to use. There is no requirement for purchase of technology to assist this network, making you office clutter free and safer, more pleasant environment for you staff.

The benefits of a hosting voip network.

Voip has an excellent reputation and its popularity is growing on a daily businesses. More and more companies and organisations are purchasing this software to give them the most modern, and up-to-date equipment available on the market. Voxalis give you, the customer, the chance to experience the height in telephone communication. With a small monthly subscription fee, Voxalis offer this stress free service, making cluttered up desks and offices a thing of the past. Should the client wish to cease using the software, it is simple to cancel, and they are left with no extra surprise changes.

Voxalis is available on a low monthly subscription basis with no ties or hidden costs. We are already providing thousands of users with sophisticated, centralised hosted telephony as an cloud service, with guaranteed voice quality managed over our own Private Access Network. Our customer’s can easily make moves, changes and other updates from a user friendly, web interface accessible from any PC or connected device.

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